March 29: From Danang to Hoi An

We are picked up at the Silk Path Hotel at 0745 and driven to the airport for the flight to Danang, and from there to Hoi An.

On arrival in Danang, were picked up by our local tour guide who took us to the Cham Museum and spent some time explaining the early migrations of various ethnic groups to what is now Vietnam. The Cham were one of the groups who were influenced by Indian culture and settled on the coast of central Vietnam.   I want to include a few pictures from this museum which has an impressive collection of Cham sculptures.

untitled (837 of 3)untitled (831 of 3)_N7A1242untitled (834 of 3)


Here are some of the interesting places we visited, starting with Danang and the trip through the fog over the mountain into Hoi An.


Peasant circular boats


Fishing off Danang


Danang City


A bay from Marble Mountain



Travel to Hoi An is not without obstructions.







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