March 14: Begin Cruising Irrawaddy River

We leave Yangon for the five hour bus ride to Pyay where we board the Irrawaddy Explorer. I have included pictures of the rest stop, a store and a home taken during the trip.


Rest stop on road to Pyay where we begin the cruise


Clerks preparing items for sale


Fruit vendors beside the rest stop


There were many of these trucks with the engine in front of the wheels


One of the homes along the way to Pyay


A store along the route to Pyay

Pyay was established as a transshipment port on the Irrawaddy in the late 19th Century, but the town dates from the 5th to 6th C. Today it is the port from which we begin our river cruise.


Irrawaddy Explorer at a mooring

Our room was on the middle deck above the gang plank.

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