April 2: Hue to Saigon – Presidential Palace, War Museum

This morning, we take a flight from Hue to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). As is often the case, we drive to the airport in the mist.

We checked into our hotel, The Liberty Central Riverside Hotel with a river view, and enjoyed a light lunch in the concierge lounge.

Our touring this afternoon includes the Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Catholic Church, and the War Remnant Museum.

First stop, the Presidential Palace renamed as Independence Palace . This is an imposing structure with well kept landscaping. It was the home of the President of South Vietnam during the war which ended with the capture of the South by the North Vietnamese, symbolically demonstrated by a North Vietnamese tank crashing through its gates.


Presidential (Independence) Palace

untitled (852 of 3)

Private meeting room

untitled (921 of 3)

Meeting Room

untitled (924 of 3)

Private Living Room

untitled (927 of 3)

Family Dining Room


Notre Dame Cathedral

untitled (906 of 3)

Nave of Notre Dame

untitled (999 of 3)

Post Office was once the train station.

untitled (915 of 3)

Post Office interior

Our next stop was the War Remnant Museum. Frankly, I was quite uneasy about going into this place. We were the only Occidental persons there, the images of people maimed by agent orange were upsetting, and the only images I could bring myself to take are the two below. War, indeed, is horrible.


? The dove of Peace ?


? Children at play ?

We had some time after our planned itinerary, so we walked around the area in the early evening.


Capital of Vietnam


Sidewalk cafe.


Modern Buildings are all around.


View from our room.


View of the traffic from our room.


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