March 27: Yangon to Hanoi

This is a travel day; no new interesting sights. We took Vietnam Airlines flight VN 956 and landed in Hanoi Vietnam at 2125, after sunset. We finally settled into our hotel room at The Silk Path Hotel after 2230, thankful for a chance to rest.

I’ll include here more of the portraits I took.


These two are making paper used in making parasols.


A Vietnamese engagement custom is to take pictures in wedding attire months before the wedding.


A cheerful street vendor in Yangon.



Happy Hour entertainment at Kanadawgyi Palace.


A lovely sales lady.


Our European Balloon Champion pilots our flight.


Our intrepid Tour Director, Paula Swart Till



Ni Ni our tour leader in Myanmar on a trishaw.


A traffic director during a regional meeting in advance of Aung Son Suu Kyis taking control.


Monks of all ages look for alms.



A senior nun at one of the pagodas


Two friends from Indonesia


Penny for your thoughts


Posed shot: one nun didn’t want to have her picture taken.


These children were alone.


Local transport


Washing clothes in the Irrawaddy River.



Carrying water up the hill from the Irrawaddy River.


One of our group with young monks.


This lady allowed me to photograph her and her child.


I see hope in his face.


At the Shwedagon Pagoda


On the shore of the Irrawaddy River.


Young golfer at Thayet Myo. Satisfied with a hole in one?

Next a few portraits from Hanoi.


This lady posed with her red mobile.


Motor bikes and scooters everywhere.


Slow day at work.


Noon pause.


Work is never done.


Engagement photos.


Engagement Photos


Street vendor


Shopping almost done.


Street vending is tiring work.


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