March 26: Heho to Yangon

This is a travel day; no new interesting sights. We waited around the hotel most of the day. However, so that you won’t feel let down, I’ll place here and tomorrow some of the portraits I shot, both spontaneous and posed. All of the people today have in common that they were selling something.


This lady demonstrated weaving. The neck ware, brass, was quite heavy.


Selling fresh vegetables


This diminutive gentleman sells eggs at one of the pagodas. He spoke perfect English.


This young lady is an aggressive entrepreneur. Once she knew you name, she was relentless.


How could one resist this little sales girl.


Now here is a well established sales lady. She’d follow us all day in hopes of a sale.


Another rather aggressive lady who latched onto us.


This lady was covering her nose as she sits next to smelly fish at market. Uncovered, she was quite attractive.


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